Potencial Of pacitan

To reach a world-class surf beaches watukarung require jogyakarta 3 hours from the airport by car, with pristine mountain atmosphere and cool when crossing the road, an extraordinary experience when surfing unwind and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the blue,
watukarung consists of several small beach with soft white sand and crystal clear sea water and blue,
in another you can also visit the center’s arrest traditional fish by fishermen around, the sea from the beach watukarung is often imported abroad,
here is also very interesting for those of you whose hobby is fishing, and snorkeling
local people who care about the cleanliness of the beach makes the beach watukarung still maintained the cleanliness and beauty.
in another you can also visit the rivers, caves and natural hot water

Excellent surfing at Watu Karung Beach

Watu Karung beach is nirvana. The charm of its beautiful beaches with extraordinary coral islands, the turquoise sea water, clean beach with soft white sand, and surf spots which offer a 2 barrel and a world-class waves.

Exotica waves for surfing is not only found on the coast of the island of Bali. If you visit the Watu Karung beach in Pacitan, East Java, is also very challenging waves for surfers touched.

It’s just visiting this place should be a little bit into the surf. Because the hidden location. But can still be laced along the southern coastline Pacitan. And, this place is fairly quiet as it is still not very well known by surfers.

A beautiful beach with turquoise waves stretches. White sand was very soft. Adorn the coral islands off its shores. The sun was shining and blue sky makes it all the more perfect. Watu Karung beach is nirvana.

Watu Karung beach offers two places to surf the net nan coral island surrounded by clear blue water. The waves have a type of reef break with a rock seabed. Thus, this place has the quality of world-class waves.

With this type of reef and ocean floor break a rock, at certain moments Watu Karung beach can produce barrels that will make the surfer was in heaven. Both the surfer with a goofy or natural style can surf here because the Watu Karung beach has right and left waves. This place is also not too crowded, so the surfer to catch waves with freely. Offshore wind usually comes in April-October, making these months are the best moments to mingle with Watu Karung barrel.

Do not forget to bring lunch and all equipment needed during the trip. There are not enough people are selling food or other accommodation needs.

WATU KARUNG (WK) BEACH – Paradise with World-Class Waves


Trip to Watu Karung Beach (WK) was not easy. Hidden somewhere in the coastline of Pacitan (East Java, Indonesia), this beach could be reached by motorbike or car through winding road, up and down hills. One hour trip felt unending and YogYES started to wonder how much longer we would arrive. Getting in Watu Karung village, with the exact same name as the beach, there was still no sign of the existence of any beach. All of sudden, a small harbor with dozens of fisherman boats emerged in front of us. There was also a fish auction place. But the journey was not over yet because the surfing area was located in another point of the beach.

Passing through a narrow street with local houses on either side, our motorbike suddenly stopped because the road ended and the tires got stuck in the sand. We gazed upon a very beautiful beach with turquoise-colored waves and white sand stretching there. Small reef islands decorated the offshore. The bright sunshine and the blue sky made everything felt just perfect. Watu Karung was simply paradise.

Behind its beauty, Watu Karung Beach hides its extraordinary waves. With reef break wave and reef seabed, at certain moments Watu Karung Beach produces barrels that will make the surfers feel like they are in heaven. Both surfers with natural and goofy style can surf here because Watu Karung Beach has right and left waves. There is also no crowd at all, so that surfers can catch the waves freely. Offshore wind usually comes in the month of April to October, making these months as the best times to dance with barrels of Watu Karung. In 2009, Indonesia’s top surfer, Rizal Tanjung, along with the winner of 2008 Rip Curl Pro Search, Bruce Irons, came to this beach and experienced the world-class waves of Watu Karung.